Sustainable Advantage Through Equality In Organisations



Back in 2005, SkyBlue were alerted to the benefits of undertaking EQuality Assured. Since then we have appreciated how this has been instrumental in helping the business to stand out from our competitors. Once we passed, we began helping to pass the accreditation through SkyBlue’s supply chain and are now considered ‘thought leaders.’

SkyBlue continues to reap rewards from their ongoing relationship with their EQA consultant, SATEO. With their support, SkyBlue has been able to jump straight into new equality and diversity best practice as soon as it emerges, keeping us at the forefront of ethical recruitment and the champions of diversity & equality issues in the construction recruitment industry.

Sky Blue

Inclusion monitoring system:

Our consultant immediately picked up on the most relevant issues and was able to guide the needs analyses based on her previous experience. We received considerable guidance and ‘added value’ support throughout the development stages too. For example in the monitoring form design.

Legal Ombudsman

The board of Advantage West Midlands took a strong lead in ensuring the implementation of the equality duties across the Organisation. To meet its objectives and to be more accessible and inclusive, it was keen to see equality and diversity mainstreamed in the organisation’s procurement processes. To further support this process, the agency went through and championed EQA, the EQuality Assured Certification programme and then asked its suppliers to go through the same programme.

EHRC Website

Cititec has a genuine desire to be a business of the highest quality, over and above other staffing organisations. We approached Sateo to help us not only meet the requirements of the EQA standard, but to develop a framework which would allow us to align it with our business strategy as a source of competitive advantage. Sateo have been on hand coaching us through the entire process and offering more than just training. We are in constant dialogue with each other as Sateo offer friendly and supportive advice whilst understanding the needs and focus of the business.

I have been working on the Equality project for a year and it has been central to my personal development in the role of HR. I see Sateo as more of a consultancy and have a great mentor in Julie Kaya who often emails with policy advice and client events. We are often the only agency at client seminars which gives Cititec a unique opportunity to network and establish ourselves as thought leaders. Clients often request Cititec to advise them on EDI and we are now seeing business being won on the basis of the equality practices we have adopted. As the country dips back into recession, equality is helping Cititec maintain and build new business.