Sustainable Advantage Through Equality In Organisations



We have a highly experienced, exceptionally well-qualified team of consultants who work closely with you to co-create pragmatic solutions that really work.

  Recent projects undertaken with businesses:
  • Established processes and procedures to embed inclusive practices and win more work from client organisations who care about the Public Sector Equality Duty and Social Value
  • Re-aligned an existing D&I strategy with the business strategy and drivers for change making it more easily implemented and understood by all employees
  • Designed a strategy to enable a large complex organization to compete in the ‘War for talent’ hiring more diverse applicants in the context of decreasing supply and increasing demand
  • Helped recruiters and hiring managers understand and address the increasing impact of technology and social networking on brand reputation and diversity & inclusion
  • Identified the reasons staff networks were ineffective and demoralizing and successfully re-aligning the strategy with very positive results
  • Created a strategy to improve working culture helping line managers address negative and exclusionary behaviours and inappropriate banter which were acting as a barrier to required improvements in D&I outputs
  • Incorporated D&I into performance management frameworks and competences
  • Completed a review of recruitment & selection processes, including for the employment service providers, increasing diversity and removing unhelpful, unintended barriers
  • Reduced the likelihood of legal challenge after a discrimination settlement to help prevent recurrence
  • Coached mid-level managers to understand unconscious bias in the context of performance review

Sateo consultants have undertaken considerably more projects than can be highlighted here.

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